Do you know how to use too and enough?

Too (demasiado) and enough (suficiente) are used to quantify adverbs, adjectives, nouns and even actions (verbs).

How to use too

  • Remember: too much with uncountable nouns and too many with countable nouns.

What about actions with too?

In that case, use TOO MUCH after the verb you want to quantify. For example:

Alice sleeps too much, I thinks she wastes the day in bed.


How to use enough

What about actions with enough?

Just use ENOUGH after the verb you want to quantify. For example:

You aren’t sleeping enough, you should go to bed earlier.


Practice time: too and enough

Let’s watch a video (pay attention to the pronunciation of too and enough) and write down the phrases where they are used. What kind of word are the quantifying in each phrase? Look at the structure and then try to write a similar dialogue in a different situation, and use enough, too, too much and too many.

Would you like us to check your dialogue? You can share it in our forum or send us an email ( It’s free!

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