5 of the Best Apps for Learning English

Do you often have free time on your hands? Why not use it productively to practise your English?

By: Amelia Joy Swan 

5 of the Best Apps for Learning English

Wouldn’t it be great to manage your spare time more effectively by practising English? Ever wondered how you could boost your knowledge gained in English classes? Well, using an English learning app is a wonderful way to while away the time. You can learn from anywhere, save time and have fun. Below are five of our favourites!

1. HelloTalk- Great for speaking

Would you like to practise your English with a native speaker? Well, HelloTalk is a free language exchange app that connects you to 30 million users for real-life chats. It’s free, convenient and flexible! Why not get chatting and exchanging your language today?

Download HelloTalk here

2. Beelingu – Amazing for reading and comprehension

Want to read in English and have the Spanish translation at the same time? You can with Beelingu! Listen to a story in English and read the text in both Spanish and English! There is some interesting reading material ranging from children’s classics to articles about science and technology.

Download Beelingu here

3. 6000 Words- Useful for vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary with this accessible app which features pictures and flashcards to help you learn English. The broad range of themes and sub-topics enable you to learn quite sophisticated vocabulary. Have fun reviewing learned words and topics with quizzes, listening tests and interesting games! You’ll become a wordsmith in no time!

Download 6000 Words here

4. British Council – Excellent for practising grammar

Need to practise the grammar you have been learning in class in a fun and engaging way? The LearnEnglish Grammar app will become your next best friend! Start at your level, work through the lessons and games then progress to the next. There are more than 1000 practise questions and you can even test your knowledge at the end of each topic!

Download The British Council Learn English Grammar here

5. BBC English – Good for day-to-day English

Want to sound like a native English speaker with up-to-date expressions and phrases? Well, the BBC Learning English app has got you covered! A popular feature on this app is called ‘The English We Speak’. With the 3-minute daily lessons, you will learn handy phrases which you can use straightaway when conversing. Why not watch a lesson and use your new learning to impress your teacher?

Download the BBC Learning English here

5 of the Best Apps for Learning English

Language learning apps do not replace English language lessons but they can be great way to supplement the learning that takes place in class. So, whenever you have some time to kill, use any of these tried-and-tested apps to improve your speaking, reading, vocabulary and grammar. You can also finetune your use of everyday English as well as your pronunciation of words. Just a few minutes of daily English practise will do wonders for your confidence! What are you waiting for?

Amelia Joy Swan

English teacher at Millinguals

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