Halloween facts and vocabulary

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is celebrated in several countries, and it is becoming popular all around the world. You have probably seen a lot of Halloween scenes in films and TV series, but what do you really know about this celebration?

Let’s begin with something simple. As you probably know, one of the most typical things about Halloween are scary things. So let’s learn (or review) some key vocabulary about it. Scary things (or spooky things) are used as costumes and decoration. Watching horror films or telling scary stories are also very popular activities.

What do you think about spooky things? Do you like them? Why do you think people like to feel scared sometimes, for example when watching horror films?

It’s interesting how Halloween is about being scared, but it can also be so fun! Most children love this celebration, they have costume parties, go trick or treating, and they aren’t afraid at all! Maybe because it’s not all about being scared, it’s about eating sweets, too. There are all kind of sweets, candies and chocolates just for Halloween.

Let’s continue with a presentation, including some Halloween facts and vocabulary, to understand a little bit more about the origins and the meaning of this celebration.

Have you seen the video and followed the instructions? Remember that you can click the check buttons in the presentation to see the answers.

What new facts have you learned? What information did you already know?


Would you like to know more?

Read about some interesting Halloween trivia clicking here!

What about you?

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you have a similar tradition, maybe with a different name, in your country? Or do you celebrate a totally different holiday at the same time of the year? Tell us about it in our forum and share your experience!



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