-ed and -ing adjectives

Surprised and surprising… What’s the difference?

You will find a lot of -ed and -ing adjectives in English, so this is important.

Encontrarás muchos adjetivos en inglés que acaban en -ed o en -ing, así que esto es importante. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre surprised y surprising? Digamos que surprised significa sorprendido, mientras que surprising significa sorprendente. Esta es tu primera pista.

Veamos si puedes averiguar la diferencia entre los siguientes adjetivos:

Let’s see if you can find out the difference between the following adjectives:


  • Amanda is so bored at work. She has nothing interesting to do and she spends the day complaining.
  • Eleanor fell asleep at the cinema because the film was so boring.


  • We’ve just spent the most amazing day. We went parachuting!
  • When Ted arrived home he looked totally amazed. He didn’t know anything about the party!


  • Working more than eight hours a day is very tiring.
  • I’m tired because I’ve been doing sport all day.

Have you already noticed the difference between -ed and -ing adjectives?

¿Ya has notado cuál es la diferencia entre los adjetivos acabados en -ed y los acabados en -ing?

Let’s check…


Let’s try something now…

Try to match all the adjectives below with their -ed or -ing pair. Then think carefully about the difference in meaning and make some sentences.

Intentemos algo ahora…

Intenta emparejar todos los adjetivos de la nube con sus parejas acabadas en -ed o en -ing. Después piensa detenidamente cuál es la diferencia de significado y escribe algunas frases.

-ed and -ing adjectives


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