Based on our experience as learners and our knowledge as teachers, we have developed a language learning method that will help you improve your language skills and give you the confidence you need to put it into practice with natives in any context.

The base of our method is your motivation, and to keep it going, we are constantly creating new material that we are sure you’ll find useful, practical and entertaining.

Why do we offer this material for free?

Believe that we have created, curated and developed this material very carefully and with lots of love and hard work, based on what our experience has revealed to be important for the language learning process. The reason why we offer it for free is that we need you to work on your own before we can help you clarify and practice. We want you to feel the challenge.

This learning challenge will keep you motivated and will also give you the strategies you’ll need when you are in a communicative situation (visiting a foreign country, at work, with friends…).

But we are not leaving you alone!!

You can always ask any questions in our forum which is moderated by our qualified teachers (who will love to help you through the process of understanding the nooks and crannies of language) and participate in games, quests, quizzes and conversations with other users. Our forums are, also, an important part of our method so don’t forget to give them a try!

We will also assign you your own tutor, to whom you can ask unlimited questions, for the ludicrous price of 10€ per month. Your tutor will ensure your total understanding of the material you are already using for free, and also complement it with other extra material that will adapt to your specific needs.

In a nutshell, it is extremely important that you enjoy our topics, explanations and exercises and because we know this, we have focused on the most productive grammar structures to start with, so you can practice straight away and improve from the first day. Register here for us to follow your progress and give you the best advice whenever you need it, and always remember to enjoy language!

If you have any doubts about how to complete your language course, you can ask us any time using this or this. You can also read our method to help clarify the process that we have elaborated with our utmost care so you enjoy the natural process of acquiring a new language. It might also be interesting if you read our post flipped classroom on the blog, which explains the new technique in which we have inspired to develop our courses.

This said, please take your time to open the courses (you’ll need to register first, but the courses are, indeed, free), enjoy the class, do the suggested exercises and, finally, enter the forum to consolidate what you have learnt, we suggest you use the newly acquired structures in a sentence (or paragraph, if you feel brave!). This is the best way to internalise what you have learnt.